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Join us to Celebrate 20 years of GOTR Tri County

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In the fall of 2003 two coaches and 20 girls met at Springfield Elementary as the first GOTR team in York County.  Since that time Girls on the Run Tri County has made the following impact on our area:   


·       Awarded $37000 college scholarships to program alumni                                         

·       Completed over 1250 Community Impact Projects                                       

·       Run 1,686,400 race miles                                        

·       Served over 17,500 girls                            

·       Hosted 1297 teams                                    

·       Provided $648,882 in financial assistance            

·       Managed 33 5k's                                         

·       Celebrated 4 Mom Proms                                       

·       Supported 3000+ coaches                        

·       Hosted 7 fully underwritten camps serving high need communities


Join us at the Brakefield in Riverwalk on 2/23/24 to celebrate the past 20 years and look forward to the next 20 years!!

Get your tickets today!!




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